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Product Photography Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I buy one of your light tents?

Having selected the item you require, please click '+add to basket' next to the item. It will then appear in your shopping basket along with any other items you may have previously added. Once your purchases are complete, please click 'Proceed to Checkout' to arrange online payment by credit/debit card or direct from a PayPal account. For other payment methods please see Ordering Information page.

How do I calculate shipping/delivery costs?

For shipping costs, +add your items to basket.

For more detailed information see our delivery/shipping services

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What payment methods do you accept?

Online payments
PayPal Instant Payments

We accept payment by UK Sterling Postal Orders and UK Sterling Cheques from a UK Bank. Please allow time for cheques to arrive and to clear.

Bank Transfers
We accept UK Sterling Direct Bank to Bank Transfers via Faster payments/BACS/CHAPS and International payments by SWIFT/IBAN/EUROGIRO networks.

For more detailed information on Payment Methods visit our Ordering Info page.

We can also provide a proforma invoice if required.

Do you accept orders from Schools/Colleges and Local Authorities?

Yes, we regularly supply UK-based Schools, Colleges, Universities, Museums, Art Galleries and Local Authorities. Please let us know the items you are interested in and we will email a Proforma Invoice or alternatively use our new website provisional ordering facility. more info on schools/colleges/local authority ordering...

Do you supply a VAT receipt?

Yes, we provide a printed VAT receipt within the parcel when we send your items. On request we can also send a .pdf copy by email. For business accounts purposes, the tax date on your VAT invoice will be the date when we receive your payment.

I am doing a product photography shoot very soon, how fast can you get a light tent to me?

We hold excellent stocks of all sizes of light tents and studio lighting at our East Midlands UK warehouse. Orders received before 12.00 noon Monday-Friday are normally despatched same working day.
Any variations to this despatch schedule will be notified in the shopping basket prior to checkout.
For most UK addresses your order is sent by Business Post next working day service. (Scottish Highlands and Islands we send by Parcelforce48/Royal Mail). Small items up to 2kg are sent by Royal Mail 1st Class post. more info on deliveries...

Do you accept international orders?

Yes, we welcome international orders and send most items from our range via Royal Mail Airmail priority services, ParcelForce International or UPS services throughout Europe.

International orders received before 12.00 noon GMT Monday-Friday are normally despatched same working day. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

I am an EU TVA/VAT number holder do you accept Intra EU trade orders? Intra EU Trade

Yes, we accept Intra EU trade orders for business purchases. Please contact us for more information.

Can I pay in € EUR instead of £ GBP?

Yes, we accept payments in Euros from mainland European customers. Please contact us for more information.

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How do I fold my light tent for storage?

How to fold Photo Light Tent Cube  folding instructions Light Tent folding instructions with photographs are available online.

How do I remove creases from light tent backgrounds?

Light Tent care and cleaning instructions are available online.

What kind of lighting can I use with my light tent?

You can use a wide variety of lighting with your light tent from adapted household lighting such as anglepoise type lights through to professional type set ups. To get the best results possible with your chosen lighting, you may need to adjust your camera's white balance setting. Household lighting (normal incandescent bulbs) give off a slightly yellowish light and the white balance setting can compensate to some degree for this.

The best and easiest results for product photography are obtained using continuous daylight balanced or daylight simulation lighting and modern set-ups use compact fluorescent spiral bulbs due to their high efficiency. These bulbs also run cooler than traditional photoflood bulbs making things a little more comfortable in your studio and much easier to use when photographing food and plants/flowers. One of the great benefits of continuous lighting is that in setting up the shot, 'what you see is what you get'. Adjustable height light stands give you more flexibility for controlling shadow angles and highlights while a larger reflector gives a nice spread of light.

My Light unit has stopped working how do I change the internal fuse?

The most common reason for a Fluorescent Light Unit to stop working is that one of the bulbs needs replacement. A non-working bulb can blow the internal 5 amp fuse which controls the power supply to all the bulbs. Changing the 5 amp fuse will show you which bulb needs replacement.

T75 Triple Bulb Fluorescent Light Head S25  Single Bulb Fluorescent Light head SVOCT Seven Bulb Fluorescent Light Bank

How to change the internal 5amp fuse
Firstly, disconnect the unit from the mains power at the wall socket. Put switches in OFF position. Remove power lead from back of Light unit. The 5 amp fuse is located at the back of the light head in a rectangular fuse holder below the power lead socket. Gently lever out fuse holder. There is a spare fuse in the square holder. Swap over the fuses. Replace fuse holder, re-insert power lead and re-connect to the mains power socket. Turn switches to ON to see which bulb needs replacement. 5 amp fuses are available for free, just ask for one when buying your replacement bulb.

Can I use traditional film instead of digital?

Yes, you can use film. If shooting under traditional 'hot' incandescent lighting you may want to change to tungsten film or use a colour correction filter. This is to achieve the appropriate adjustment for the colour temperature. Daylight balanced lighting has a colour temperature more suited to normal film.

What is colour temperature and white balance?

Every light source whether sunlight, flash, incandescent, fluorescent or tungsten halogen lamps has a 'colour temperature' which describes its overall colour within the spectrum. Although some lighting may appear to be white, when photographed the camera may record a yellowish, reddish or bluish cast to the light. This affects how 'true' the colour appears in the finished image and explains why colour reproduction of paintings and fabrics is often very approximate. Colour temperature is measured in °K degrees kelvin.

Although we can compensate for this by manipulating the image with photo editing software, it is often much easier to understand the colour temperature of the lighting being used and adjust the digital camera white balance to suit.

Household lighting and halogen is yellow, while daylight fluorescent is whiter. You can adjust modern digital cameras to take account of the bulbs you use so that the photos do not appear yellowish and colour reproduction is more accurate.

2700°K yellow normal household incandescent/fluorescent and halogen bulbs
5000°K white daylight photographic bulb
6400°K blue cool

Our daylight fluorescent and tabletop lighting is supplied with white 5000°K colour temperature bulbs which is in the middle and whitest on the daylight spectrum and is very well suited for use with digital cameras.

The higher the wattage of the bulb the more light is output.